East Coast Copper is a custom metal fabrication company specializing in historical restoration and reproduction using decorative and ornamental copper and other fine metals. About East Coast Copper East Coast Copper's Services Contact East Coast Copper
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East Coast Copper is a custom metal fabrication company in the Green Mountain State of Vermont with experience spanning three decades. Our team has a strong background in historical restoration and reproduction. We specialize in decorative and ornamental metal work including stamping, welding, machining, spinning and steel framework. East Coast Copper prides itself in working with architects, designers and homeowners to create ornamental works of art that are both creative and functional.

Copper is a timeless building material used for roofing and ornamental metal work because of its durability and ever-changing patina. We do not limit ourselves or our customers to copper and work with all types of metal. All of our copper and sheet metal products are built with quality, exact fit-up and seams soldered or welded to last for generations.

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